Two high rollers who fight with their wits now fight with their fists. For a quarter million dollars.

Audio Documentary

An audio documentary podcast

about a high stakes story.

Hosted by Terrence Chan. Produced by Ross Henry


All In or Knocked Out is an independent audio documentary about the $270000 fight between poker pros Juan Carlos “JC” Alvarado and Olivier Busquet. The story of Alvarado and Busquet’s fight is a fascinating one. Both men have no formal experience in mixed martial arts, but agreed to train for an MMA fight, with just six months of training. They have both dropped their lives, faced their fears, and dedicated everything towards this monumental event.

We’ll explore the fighter's backgrounds, their fears, and their triumphs as they go on this journey. We’ll capture the sound and atmosphere of the fight itself, talk to the key players and navigate the listener through the insanity of this big-money fight.

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