Two high rollers who fight with their wits now fight with their fists. For a quarter million dollars.


All In or Knocked Out is an independent audio documentary about the $270000 fight between poker pros Juan Carlos “JC” Alvarado and Olivier Busquet. The story of Alvarado and Busquet’s fight is a fascinating one. Both men have no formal experience in mixed martial arts, but agreed to train for an MMA fight, with just six months of training. They have both dropped their lives, faced their fears, and dedicated everything towards this monumental event.

Part 5: Everyone Gets Their 15 Minutes of Pain

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Four ounce gloves. Five minute rounds. Punches, kicks, elbows, and knees to everywhere on the opponent's body save the groin, back of the head, and spine. This is what Olivier and JC, two complete novices to the sport of mixed martial arts, have agreed to after six months of training, with a $270000 wager on the line. In Part 5, those six months come to fruition. The poker players turned fighters enter the cage on an April night in Las Vegas, and the result is a violent blood-soaked affair, well beyond the poker community's expectations. 

Rob Mac