Two high rollers who fight with their wits now fight with their fists. For a quarter million dollars.


All In or Knocked Out is an independent audio documentary about the $270000 fight between poker pros Juan Carlos “JC” Alvarado and Olivier Busquet. The story of Alvarado and Busquet’s fight is a fascinating one. Both men have no formal experience in mixed martial arts, but agreed to train for an MMA fight, with just six months of training. They have both dropped their lives, faced their fears, and dedicated everything towards this monumental event.

Introducing All In Or Knocked Out

Ever since we first heard about the $270000 fight between JC Alvarado and Olivier Busquet, we've been intrigued by this story. Over the past few weeks, we've been working hard on a behind-the-scenes all-access audio documentary on the showdown between the two.

We've interviewed both men in-depth about their stories, their backgrounds, their reasons for taking the fight, their fears, their concerns, their ups and downs. We'll also have interviews with coaches, training partners, friends, and fellow gamblers. It's a compelling story, and one that we think deserves to be told well.

The two of us have always had a love of good narrative audio storytelling (we've been inspired by podcasts like This American Life, Radiolab, Serial, and many others) and we want this to be our contribution to that genre. With Terrence's background in MMA as well as high-stakes poker, and Ross' passion for poker and formal training in broadcast journalism, we'll be able to tell this story as well as it deserves to be told.

It's our goal to bring you this series completely commercial-free, and we hope to do that with your help. If you like what we do, you can contribute to our Indiegogo campaign. We also accept donations via PayPal or PokerStars; to find out how to do that, click here.

If you're financially unable to contribute, we'd still love if you shared our work on social media, or simply by telling a friend. Thank you so much for your support of our project.

Ross and Terrence

Rob Mac